About Us


The story began…

Way back in 2008, our wee daughter with sensitive skin, started to get angry red patches of eczema. We tried every cream going. Nothing worked, some even made it worse.

One day, out of pure curiosity, I started to read the jar labels. I was utterly befuzzled by the list of ingredients, but after some googling, my befuzzlement turned to horror.

So I started to make my own creams; leaving out the rubbish and cramming in as much organic, natural goodness as I possibly could. In the blink of an eye, sensitive skin became a thing of the past (yes, even the eczema), and we started a lovely little business called SkinnyDip.

Fast forward to now…

Our daughters have grown and so too has our loyal army of customers, affectionately known as ‘SkinnyDippers’.

We still make all our creams by hand; we still source the highest quality ingredients and we still receive emails from amazed customers saying how SkinnyDip creams have worked wonders on their skin.

Oh, and along the way…

Emma developed a passion for mud! We’re not entirely sure how it happened, but we’ve seen a giddy descent into all manner of obstacle races, mountain marathons and ultras. It’s been a blast, but also taken it’s toll upon our skin. Sore feet and blisters….. scratches, scrapes and nettle stings….ripped hands from barbells and rowing….dry skin and brittle nails from swim training, we’ve experienced it all. And did we mention the extraordinary amounts of accidental chaffing and saddle-soreness?!

So what did we do about it?

We SkinnyDipped, of course! Miracle Balm became our best friend. It is used everywhere and anywhere to heal our broken bodies. And we honoured it with a new name in recognition of it’s warrior-like power to repair our injuries – Battle Wound Balm! Who knows what crazy adventures lie ahead, but we’re looking forward to adding more brilliant SkinnyDip products along the way.

                                                                  Thanks for your custom.    Emma & Ash

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About Us AE

Our philosophy is simple. We believe in a natural approach.

At SkinnyDip, we believe that nature knows best. Our jars are brimming with the finest natural ingredients that deliver results.

We promise that our creams are:

  • Over 99% natural
  • Made using organic, ecologically farmed and FAIRTRADE ingredients
  • Totally free from parabens, SLS, mineral oils & artificial fragrances
  • Definitely not tested on animals
  • Especially suitable for sensitive skin

And our creams do what they promise: be it to soothe dry skin or heal cracked hands.

Honest, natural results.