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Posted on 9th March 2016 by Emma

Dry hands are one of the occupational hazards that chefs have to deal with. No wonder they can be a bit short tempered in the hot kitchens! The constant prep work and washing mean hands get very beaten up and many workers find it impossible to deal with the problems. The high pressure job is stressful and having burnt, cut or dry cracked hands only makes it worse for everyone.

Luckily we know how to heal chef’s dry hands!

Stop using the soaps and hand washes that are full with harsh detergents. Use natural soaps and hand washes only and make sure that you dry your hands properly after each wash. There are many essential oils that are antibacterial which will not strip the hands of the oils they naturally produce. These are the ingredients to look out for.

You need to introduce hand creams for dry hands into your lives and keep using them each and every day. Apply lots of cream onto the hand and palms and pay attention to between the fingers, the finger tips and the backs of your hands. If you have cracks or cuts apply the cream directly onto them, but make sure it’s the right type of cream. We recommend only kind creams that have zero chemicals and only ingredients that are sourced from nature.

Each night smoother a generous amount of hand cream for dry hands right before you settle down for bed. Rub it in and put on a pair of cotton gloves. You need to wear the gloves all night which can take a little getting used to, but persevere as it is worth it. Do this every night and your hands will feel incredible very quickly.

Don’t use petroleum based products, choose natural beeswax instead. Beeswax based barrier creams will still form a layer over your hands to help heal cuts, scraps and seal in moisture and yet will still allow the skin to breathe.

These changes will have even the hardest working chef’s hands healthy, soft and strong in no time at all.

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