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Earlier this week we looked at the causes of hard skin on the feet. As the cause is pressure and friction it can be almost impossible to avoid this problem, but there are some great ways of helping to remove the hard skin and ensuring that your feet never reach the unattractive yellow phase that happens to all thick skin if left to grow.


First of all if you have a very bad case of thick skin it might be best to head off to the podiatrist to have them treated professionally. Once you have had the skin removed you can then follow the steps below and remove the need to return for such treatment.


Simple Steps to Soft Attractive Feet and Healthier Looking Skin


Give your feet a well-earned soak either in the bath, a foot spa or a bucket if you have too. Make sure the water is nice and warm and add a few of your favourite bubbles in too. Soaking your feet will help to soften the hard skin and prepare your feet for the next step. It also feels so relaxing so why not shut your eyes for a few minutes or read a few pages of your book at the same time to make the most of it.



Treat yourself to a foot file, they are only a few pounds and can be picked up at chemists and pharmacies on the high street or online. The foot file is going to play an important role in your new foot care routine. Use it to carefully and gently remove the additional layers of skin that have built up on the areas of your foot that take the most pressure. Always use it in one direction, ideally against the grain of the skin so it is able to remove more of the dead skin cells.


Next it’s time to help improve the look and feel of your skin and apply some vitamins and minerals to help it to recover. Beeswax foot cream is brilliant for adding some extra protection and to promote healthy skin growth whereas cocoa butter will continue to help soften the skin and prevent it from getting hard.


Repeat and repeat again. Try and get used to treating your feet on a regular basis. As hard skin builds naturally in time it helps to keep on top of it to prevent it getting back to the uncomfortable and unsightly yellowish thick skin that we all hate.

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