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avatarSkin New Year Resolutions for 2013

Quite honestly, I hate New Year’s resolutions. I gave up after an exciting declaration to buy a pair of shoes in every colour of the rainbow, which turned sour in every shoe shop when I desperately wanted another pair of … Continue reading

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avatarThings we love about Malvern in Winter

On those bleak, winter mornings trying to crawl out of a warm bed into the dark cold of the day, I remind myself of the special things about winter. And they make me smile every time… When you live in … Continue reading

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avatarIs Petroleum Jelly toxic? (and why should we use beeswax instead?)

So Petroleum jelly, dear old Vaseline… After my teenage years of smothering my chapped lips in Vaseline, why do I avoid it like the plague now? And what about those customers who tell me they use it as a barrier … Continue reading

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avatarWinter Skin Care Tips to Banish Dry Skin

Winter is upon us. As I embrace the cold, fresh air on my skin (and then the full blast of the car heaters), my poor skin seems to wither. This year I’m determined to stop the icy cold from wreaking … Continue reading

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