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avatarTop FIVE best natural ingredients for eczema

Itchy, rashy, sore…. …Eczema is an increasingly common skin condition typified by extremely dry skin, patches of inflammation and redness. It can be frustrating, painful and downright difficult to live with. When our wee daughter – Josie – started to … Continue reading

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avatarYou put horses in your hand cream?

No actually, we don’t. But we do use horsetail infusion in Viva la Diva, our delicious hand and nail cream. Horsetail is a slightly crazy plant that looks a little like a bottle brush. Now we’re not herbalists, but it … Continue reading

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avatarHow do we get the cream in the jar?

I often get asked how I get the cream in the jars. Quite simply, I hand-pipe it. And that it exactly what I have spent the morning doing.

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avatarOur Asparagus hand and lust potion!

Here at SkinnyDip, we LOVE using local ingredients. And what could be better than Worcestershire asparagus? So, for one batch only, to celebrate being at the British Asparagus Festival day at The Fleece Inn, I’m proud to introduce our Cream … Continue reading

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