avatar The Best Essential Oils for Nails

Whether your nails are in tip-top condition or desperately need some TLC, there are a few essential oils which can help keep them strong and healthy.


Marvellous Myrrh!

Myrrh may conjure images of Christmas, but it is actually the resin from a small tree which was hailed for its medicinal benefits in ancient times by the Egyptians, Greeks and Chinese.

Renown for its healing benefits, Myrrh is perfect for chapped or cracked skin – great for dry hands and cuticles. It is also a great antiseptic and does wonders for strengthening nails.


Long live Lemon!

Lemon essential oil certainly brings a zing to our nails. It is great for boosting circulation and blood flow, which is great for the cuticle and nail bed area to promote strong growth. Lemon is also fabulous for restoring the nails natural colour.


How About Jojoba Oil?

Besides opting for the best essential oils, choose a carrier oil which also offers nail benefits.

Now jojoba oil isn’t an essential oil, but it is fabulous for hands and nails. As a great source of zinc, copper, silicon, chromium, iodine and Vitamins B and E, it keeps skin and nails hydrate without clogging and leaves the skin feeling soft without greasiness It’s great for nails as it helps to repair damage which is caused by weakness in the nail or through the natural aging process.


And don’t forget sesame oil!

Sesame oil is rich in antioxidants which look after your cells (nails included) hunting out the free radicals to improve the overall condition and long term health of the cells. It is a great moisturiser and helps to fight problems with nails that are caused by aging.

Being easily absorbed and rich in Vitamin E it’s a great oil to apply to your nails as it’s able to soak in easily and give your nails the much needed miniaturisation that keeps them strong.

Stronger nails are less likely to split or crack and look fabulous as you go about your daily duties. On top of all that sesame oil is thought to be effective in protecting your skin against harmful UV rays. Nails are often forgotten about when it comes to sun care but the skin beneath the nails can become burnt, the nails can dry out and sun damage can cause vertical ridges in your nails too.


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