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Posted on 20th April 2016 by Emma

Kitchen life is hard on hands!

Hands and breadChefs’ hands are expected to work very hard in a harsh environment day after day and often for extremely long hours. They need to work in wet conditions, hot and dry conditions, in steam, with ingredients and cleaning products, and then there are the dangers of cuts.

Let’s face it, chefs’ hands don’t have it easy in the slightest. So we have a few tips for those of you who work in professional kitchens or if you love nothing more than working in your home kitchen.

Top tips to keep hands happy

Use tongs! Keep them close by and use them frequently as an extension to hands and panyour hands. Use them to hold meat while slicing, flip meats and save your hands from contact with very hot foods, oils and water.

Use gloves when washing up and cleaning down the surfaces. The less wet work you do the better but you will still need to wash your hands before and after handling foods.

Always use a good hand cream for dry hands as the cream will help to replace the lost moisture.

chefs_cutting_with_large_knife-150x150 Use a barrier cream that uses beeswax in the ingredients. The barrier cream will form a breathable layer over your hands sealing in moisture and protecting your hands against germs.

The layer also makes it easier to wash away dirt, reducing the time your hands are in contact with water.

Use a natural antibacterial hand wash and avoid direct contact with chemical products or washes with high alcohol content.


Shall we do the washing up?

At SkinnyDip, we’ve had our fair share of burns and cuts and endless piles of washing up. We may not be gourmet chefs, but our hands still suffer from a session in the kitchen. We swear by Miracle Balm. It has beeswax to protect against dryness and cracks and borage seed oil to heal those cuts and burns fast!


Our favourite SkinnyDip for treating chefs’ hands

Miracle balm Miracle Balm works because it’s made with:

 100% active ingredients with no fillers or chemicals

 Beeswax – protective barrier against water and cold weather

 Borage seed oil – FAST healing for grazes, cuts and skin conditions, like eczema

 Rosemary and grapefruit oils – natural antiseptic

 Cocoa butter and avocado oil – super moisturising to nourish dry skin

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