The SkinnyDip Story

Back in 2008, our wee daughter with sensitive skin, started to get angry red patches of eczema. We tried every cream going. Nothing worked, some even made it worse.

One day, out of pure curiosity, I started to read the jar labels. I was utterly befuzzled by the list of ingredients, but after some googling, my befuzzlement turned to horror.

So I started to make my own creams; leaving out the rubbish and cramming in as much organic, natural goodness as I possibly could. And, hey presto, sensitive skin became a thing of the past (yes, even the eczema).

Then the cliché happened. Friends liked it, family liked it so we popped it in a jar and called it SkinnyDip. Now we have customers… lovely customers. And they are our most favourite people on the planet.


The SkinnyDip philosophy is simple.

Make lovely stuff. Be natural. Be local. Be nice.

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